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Benefits of Service Plans

Why Get a Tune-up on Your HVAC System? 


Everyone wants to lower their monthly utility bills and have a comfortable environment that's as energy-efficient as possible. Getting seasonal tune-ups will save you money in the long run.  


In 1983, the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service at Louisiana State University teamed up with Gulf States Power to identify what benefits if any were provided by an air conditioning tune-up. A series of homes were heavily instrumented, data was collected over time, tune-ups were performed and data was collected again. 


The results of this landmark study were staggering. The researchers found that tune-ups saved energy and restored lost capacity, and saved money:  


Average Monthly Savings from a Tune-Up = $32.76 

Average Cooling Capacity Restored = 0.79 Tons 


Researchers concluded that air conditioning maintenance benefits the consumer by lowering his operational costs, increasing his comfort control capacity and is believed to extend equipment life. 



Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Agreement


        Warranty: Regular maintenance is often required by the manufacturer to keep your equipment's warranty valid.

        Savings: Maintenance Agreements pay for themselves through reduced utility costs, increased efficiency and longer equipment life.

        Priority Service: Should a system failure occur, customers with a Preventative Maintenance Agreement receive priority service.

        Fewer system failures: Regular maintenance often aids in diagnosing a part that is starting to fail.

        Service charge discount: Maintenance Agreement customers receive 25% off our service charge.

        Repair discount: Maintenance Agreement customers receive 15% off on repairs. 


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